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Aug. 28th, 2010

and also with you~



[Sitting outside, waiting for any customers to come along, is Gin. He's missing an arm... but otherwise looks completely satisfied.]

Slow day, huh... [Rubs his head.] Well, that's okay.

Jan. 25th, 2010



smile bakery post 6

[It had been a while since the last post, so Foxface was preparing the bakery up as usual, setting up all sorts of assortments of cakes, pastries, breads and delicious items. In his hand, he had a brick of baker's chocolate, which he was nibbling on. It was bitter, but he enjoyed it, and learned to love it.

There'd been freezing rain the day prior, and he wasn't sure how many people would show up at the Bakery, especially with the danger of the ice. Oh well, maybe he'd have some luck.]

Oct. 8th, 2009



Smile Bakery post 5


[This cake is what Gin has just placed in the display case. There are several more like it, as well as variations with skulls or bats, or both. He's even had his son draw pictures of pumpkins and ghosts so he can stick them around the bakery.]


[Takes a batch of halloween cookies out of the oven and lets them cool, before placing an already cooled off batch in the cookie shelf. He smiled at Izuru, who was helping him with his baking, then remembered the muffins he made. It was that time, after all. October had to have that Fall/Halloween theme. For people who didn't want halloween, Gin had an assortment of autumn cakes, pastries, and cookies, either made to look like leaves or harvested fruits and vegetables]

Think that's good fo' now.

Sep. 16th, 2009



Smile Bakery post 4

[It was getting chilly outside, fall was on the way. Knowing this, Gin decides to advertise the pies at Smile Bakery: Pumpkin, Apple, Cranberry, Crab-Apple, Strawberry, even Persimmon. He had them set out on a table near the cashier counter, but everything else is still freshly baked and ready to be bought.

The warm feeling of the bakery compared to the frigid air of the outdoors was quite welcoming, like a nice, warm hug.

Standing behind the counter, rubbing his tired eyes, was Gin. It was about 8AM. Time to open shop.]

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Aug. 22nd, 2009



Smile Bakery post 3

Rise and shine, rise and shine.

[It was time for another day at the Smile Bakery! Already, cakes were out on display, as well as breads and other pastries... He had persimmon jam, strawberry jam, kiwi jam, blueberry jam.... and working to stuff them into breads as well. He was quite busy, but he didn't mind.]

Welcome, welcome... Please, take yo' time.

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Aug. 4th, 2009



Smile Bakery post 2

[Agh. Pouring rain outside. Well, luckily, it was warm and friendly on the inside of the shop. The smell of breads and cakes and other sweets still filled the bakery, and left Gin feeling good. He hadn't been getting too much sleep the last couple of days... mostly because of having to take care of lil-Kaien.

He eagerly awaited customers... and his workers. And hoped that some familiar faces would pay a visit.]

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Jul. 17th, 2009



Smile Bakery post 1

[Flipping over the sign on the door so it reads "HELLO we are OPEN", Gin hurries over to begin placing cakes into the display cakes. A large array of cakes; chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, banana, almost any flavor you can imagine... They've all been carefully decorated.

On the shelves there are all sorts of breads, as well as breads with jam on the inside; persimmon jam bread, red bean jam bread, strawberry jam bread...

The smell of the entire bakery is enough to make anyone's stomach growl. A ding from the kitchen calls the fox-faced man away, who hurriedly disappears behind its doors to retrieve a loaf of bread.

It was a busy job, but it kept him entertained.]


Jul. 14th, 2009




[Want to work at the Smile Bakery? Here's where you do it. Just step into the shop, ring the bell and talk to Gin. He'll ask you questions, and decide if you're qualified.]

Head-baker [taken]
Chief baker
Decorator [taken]
Delivery Service Employee
Cashier [taken]