Ichimaru Gin "Foxface" (the_grinreaper) wrote in smile_bakery,
Ichimaru Gin "Foxface"

Smile Bakery post 4

[It was getting chilly outside, fall was on the way. Knowing this, Gin decides to advertise the pies at Smile Bakery: Pumpkin, Apple, Cranberry, Crab-Apple, Strawberry, even Persimmon. He had them set out on a table near the cashier counter, but everything else is still freshly baked and ready to be bought.

The warm feeling of the bakery compared to the frigid air of the outdoors was quite welcoming, like a nice, warm hug.

Standing behind the counter, rubbing his tired eyes, was Gin. It was about 8AM. Time to open shop.]

[ooc: fourth post! MINGLE, THREAD HOP, BUY-- Be SURE to read the Profile page for information if you're confused!]
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